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De'voreaux White

"Course I'm still coming by later...sweetheart have I ever lied to you? boss? Thinks I'm on my way to Vegas."
―Argyle on the phone talking to his girlfriend [src]

Argyle was the limo driver assigned to pick up John McClane from LAX and transport him to the Nakatomi Plaza for the Nakatomi Corporation's 1988 Christmas party.

Die HardEdit

Diehard 0316~0

Argyle driving McClane to Nakatomi Plaza.

It was Argyle's first day driving the limo, modelled after a Lincoln Town Car, and he was a little nervous. He previously drove a taxi so he was chatty with McClane, who decided to ride in the front seat. At Nakatomi Plaza, Argyle offered to wait in the garage until John knew for certain if he was riding home with Holly or if he needed other transportation. He was unknowingly locked into the garage by the Nakatomi vault heist team and called his girlfriend from the limo as he waited. He played a Stevie Wonder tape and helped himself to the limo's bar. At one point when John was hiding from the terrorists he thought to himself "Arglye, if you can hear me, please call the police". More accurately, John was probably hoping Argyle had become aware of the situation and summoned first responders. Unfortunately for John, the scene cut to Argyle enjoying himself and chatting with his lady. Later he decides to turn on the limo's TV.

Argyle knocks out Theo in his escape attempt.

While watching the news, Argyle finally discovers that terrorists have seized the plaza. He tries to escape the garage but realizes that he is completely locked in. From then on, Argyle watches the action from the news broadcast and listens in with the limo's CB radio. Nearing the end of the terrorist takeover, Argyle notices Theo trying to prepare an ambulance for the terrorists' escape. Finding this awfully suspicious, Argyle rams the ambulance with his limo and knocks out Theo with a punch to the jaw, shaking his hand in triumph. At the end, Argyle drove John and Holly home to celebrate Christmas Eve.  It is unknown what happened to Argyle afterwards probably he is then awarded for helping John McClane dealing Hans and his terrorist and preventing Theo from escaping.


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  • De'voreaux White, who portrays Argyle, actually punched Clarence Gilyard (Theo) in the escape attempt scene. White said McTiernan and the crew wanted to see a real actor pull it off because the last takes were not realistic.

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