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Harvey Johnson is a news anchor probably for the fictional TV station KFLW-TV based in Los Angeles.

Die HardEdit

As Harvey was getting prepared for the weekly night news, reporter Richard Thornburg antagonizes him to try to convince his boss to cover the news. As Harvey angrily stares at Thornburg, the news went on the air and the cameraman reminds him that they are on the air. Harvey then briefy smiled on the air and introduced himself on the air. After his news partner, Gail Wallens, started to make the news announcements, Harvey now stared at Thornburg angrily as their boss tells Thornburg to take a truck.

Later on the interview to the psychologist about the Nakatomi Plaza takeover and the hostages, Harvey listened in as the doctor says to Wallens that the hostages that they may go through the early stages of the Helsinki syndrome. Harvey foolishly says, "As in Helsinki, Sweden.", which disapoints the studio boss. The doctor corrects him that it is Finland as Harvey continues to listened in on the interview. He also broadcast when John McClane blows the 3rd floor of the Nakatomi Plaza killing James and Alexander who are attempting to destroy the SWAT armored r v with their rocket launcher.


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