New York City, Bicentennial Celebration, 1976

Independence Day (July 4) is the date the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress of the United States. It is a holiday celebrated annually as the birth of the nation. Volume One of the graphic novel Die Hard: Year One, takes place entirely on the 4th of July in 1976. The nation, and New York City in particular, is holding its bicentiennial or 200th anniversary celebration. On and before this day in 2007, John McClane must battle cyber-terrorists and save the U.S.A. from a national security crisis.

Independence Day 1976 Edit

Fireworks, 4th of July, 1976

Fireworks, 4th of July, 1976

New York City  was a city full of filth, crime and corruption, far from a shining beacon of hope and democracy. John McClane was a first year police recruit in training, doing routine work during the city's Bicentennial celebration. In the course of his civic duty and stopping petty crimes, John finds himself stuck in what may be the first of many wrong-place wrong-time situations. He is instrumental in thwarting a plot to hold a yacht and its passengers hostage by a disenchanted former employee of the ships owner. It is in this episode that McClane earns his shield.

Independence Day 2007: Fire SaleEdit

John McClane and Matt Farrell drive to Washington, D.C. and already run into trouble with traffic, when John sees all the traffic lights are green. Realizing company has expected them, they flee the traffic zone and meet FBI Deputy Director Miguel Bowman. Earlier, his team on the cyber security division was forced to evacuate the Hoover Building following the start of what would be a Fire Sale. McClane, Farrell, and Bowman are shocked when they watch a broadcast featuring American Presidents that target all of its technology, warfare, and currency. Throughout the day, and the following day, McClane takes out Thomas Gabriel's men one by one, and rescues his daughter Lucy McClane at his hideout after shooting Gabriel himself with his own gun.

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