Die Hard 5- Bruce Willis' stunt double James Embree
James Embree
Personal information
Date of birth

February 20, 1978

Place of Birth

London, England, UK

Years Active

1998-present day

Die Hard

Alik's soldier

Appeared in

A Good Day to Die Hard

James Embree (born February 20, 1978) is a British stunt performer and actor who has doubled the likes of Jason Statham, Kevin Bacon, Mark Strong, Colin Farrell, Benedict Cumberbatch, Henry Cavill, Marek Oravec and Aaron-Taylor Johnson. In 2013, he doubled Bruce Willis for the fall sequence at the end of A Good Day to Die Hard.

Embree's stunt credits include TV shows such as "Band of Brothers" and "Sherlock" as well as films such as the 2001 Planet of the Apes remake (with Al Leong), the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy, Kick-Ass films, X-Men: First Class, Muppets Most Wanted and Dracula Untold. He has also worked constantly with filmmakers such as Nicolas Winding Refn and Ridley Scott.

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