DH5- Jonathan Sela director of photography
Jonathan Sela
Personal information


Date of birth

April 29, 1978

Place of birth

Paris, France

Years active

2001 - present

Die Hard


Die Hard Movies

A Good Day to Die Hard

Frist Movie

A Good Day to Die Hard

Last Movie

A Good Day to Die Hard


A Good Day to Die Hard (Cinematography)

Jonathan Sela (born April 29, 1978) is a French cinematographer who does cinematography in A Good Day to Die Hard.


Sela did some picture work with A Good Day to Die Hard director John Moore in The Omen and Max Payne. He also worked on films such as Randy and the Mob, The Midnight Meat Train, Powder Blue, Law Abiding Citizen and John Wick.

In 2009, Sela was named by Variety magazine as one of "10 Cinematographers to Watch For".

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