Unknown Moscow goon
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Yuri Komarov

Behind the scenes
First appearance

A Good Day to Die Hard

Last appearance

A Good Day to Die Hard


Killed in explosion, caused by John McClane


Martin Hindy

Mako was the loyal henchman of Komarov and Irina.

A Good Day to Die HardEdit

For most of the film, he seemed to be loyal to Alik. Mako was patrolling the areas in Chernobyl. Mako was later revealed to actually be working for Komarov. After Komarov was captured by John and Jack McClane, Mako engaged in a gunfight with them. Mako was killed when John attached a grenade to a forklift and sent it at Mako. The grenade detonation triggered a massive explosion due to gas released from pipes in the gunfight, killing Mako. He was the twelfth kill made by John McClane against Komarov's gang and the only named henchman to lose his life to McClane.

Gallery Edit

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