DH4- Inside the Action MTV special- fire safety stuntman Marcus Young
Personal information

Stunt man, stunt coordinator, action director, fight choreographer, actor

Date of birth


Place of birth

Honolulu, Hawaii

Years active

1996 - present

Die Hard
Die Hard Movies

Live Free or Die Hard

Marcus Young (born October 1, 1972) was the stunt coordinator and in charge of fire safety on the episode of the MTV series "Inside the Action" about Live Free or Die Hard.


Young's stunt and acting career has involved doubling, fight scene coordinating and choreography and second unit direction for over 100 movies and television shows. His credits include films such as Bloodsport III, Ghosts of Mars, Windtalkers, The Matrix Reloaded (with Matt McColm), Elektra, Domino, Mission: Impossible III, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Tropic Thunder, Star Trek and The Dark Knight Rises.

Young's television show credits include: "Mortal Kombat: Konquest", "Alias", "Fallen", "Leverage", "Hawaii Five-O" and "Banshee".

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