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Mrs. Kaludis
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Mr. Kaludis (husband, not seen)
Frederick Kaludis (son)

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Live Free or Die Hard

Last appearance

Live Free or Die Hard


Rosemary Knower

Mrs. Kaludis is Frederick "Warlock" Kaludis' mother.

Live Free or Die HardEdit

Mrs. Kaludis opens the door to Matt Farrell and John McClane, only allowing the latter inside the house after Farrell tells her he is a friend of his. Her son Warlock then calls her to kick out McClane, but Farrell quickly intervenes before that can happen. They borrow her car to get to Woodlawn and stop Thomas Gabriel's Fire Sale.


  • She doesn't seem to care that the other houses' lights are off nor notice for that matter.

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