Die Hard editor Stuart Baird
Stuart Baird
Personal information


Date of birth

November 30, 1947

Place of birth

England, UK

Years active

1971 - present

Die Hard


Die Hard Movies

Die Hard 2

Frist Movie

Die Hard 2

Last Movie

Die Hard 2


Die Hard 2 (Editor)

Stuart Baird (born November 30, 1947) is an English film editor, producer and director. He supervised editing in Die Hard 2.


Baird did editing in films, such as The 1976 version of The Omen, Superman, Ladyhawke, The first Lethal Weapon movies (Lethal Weapon and Lethal Weapon 2), Gorillas in the Mist, The Last Boy Scout (with Bruce Willis), Demolition Man, Casino Royale, Vantage Point, Edge of Darkness, Salt and Green Lantern.

He has directed three movies, Executive Decision, U.S. Marshals (sequel to 'The Fugitive) and Star Trek: Nemesis.

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