• BattleshipMan

    I think Die Hard is the best of all of the Die Hard movies. I think my favorite sequel of all of them has to be Die Hard with a Vengeance, although I liked Live Free or Die Hard. Die Hard 2 has some great moments, but not as good as the others. My least favorite has to be A Good Day to Die Hard, although it's not that bad of a movie.

    This is list of my favorite and least characters of the Die Hard series.

    • John McClane (as always)
    • Hans Gruber
    • Lucy McClane
    • Simon Gruber
    • Zeus Carver
    • Al Powell
    • Karl
    • Colonel Stuart
    • Trudeau
    • Leslie Barnes

    • Harry Ellis
    • Richard Thornburg
    • Alik
    • Warlock

    Share your thoughts with me about this.

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