Chocolate bruce
Chocolate bruce 2

Of the many things the Japanese are internationally renowned for, their insane attention to detail and crazy packaging of candy might not be at the top of the list. But when it comes to the promotion of A Good Day to Die Hard, which hits theaters on February 14th in both the U.S. and Japan, they have taken the concept to a whole new level by introducing a life-size model of John McClane made entirely out of chocolate.

But why? What's the connection between Die Hard and chocolate? The Japanese don't celebrate Valentine's Day! Actually, they do. The holiday was introduced to the country in 1936 (although it should be noted that a translation error by a chocolate company executive led to the holiday involving Japanese women giving chocolates and candy to all of the men in their lives, and that's about it. Their romantic date night falls on Christmas Eve).

Anyway, the amazing confection was introduced by K1 fighter/anime fan Nobuaki Kakuda (after he walked over broken glass), singer/actress Noriko Sakai and Satoshi Nozawa (who is the Japanese voice of Jack McClane).

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