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Yippie-kay-yay, Die Hard fans! We’ve received over 60 Ultimate Die Hard Movie entries, and our expert panel of judges has narrowed the field to five finalists -- in honor of A Good Day to Die Hard being the fifth film in the franchise. Take a few moments to study each of the crazy, action-packed scenarios spelled out below, and vote for your favorite in the poll below.

Die Hard or Prosper-01

The Goonies meet John McClane while touring 1 Police Plaza. McClane is less than enthused, but the Goonies refuse to leave him alone. Meanwhile, after suffering defeat at the hands of Rocky, Clubber Lang is contacted by Skeletor, who is impressed by his strength. Skeletor has a plan to lead an uprising of Klingons on the planet Chronos and use that planet as a home base to take over the universe. McClane and the Goonies are mysteriously warped to the area. He-Man is elderly and dying at this point and begs McClane for help. McClane protests, knowing that his Beretta 92 will be no match for Skeletor. He-Man transfers his power to McClane and he and the Goonies take on Skeletor, Clubber Lang and their Klingon army. McClane and Skeletor fight it out, fist to fist, on the bridge of a Klingon Bird of Prey and McClane prevails when Skeletor is launched out of a window on the ship into outer space. He then is able to escape the self destructing Bird of Prey with an escape pod and is rescued by Donkey Kong Jr.

User: cefoster3

Die Hard and Respawn-01

One day while repairing his nephew's Xbox 360, John McClane is suddenly sucked into a mish-mash world of the last 4 video games his young nephew played, Halo 3, Mass Effect 2, Batman: Arkham City and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Now John must team up with the Turian Garrus Vakarian to stop Thel 'Vadam and The Joker from overthrowing the Empire and ruling Skyrim!

User: Matt200

A Strange Way to Die Hard-01

John McClane is taking a visit to the moon in order to see the new space hotel. While there, Loki opens a portal and he plans to kill everyone in the hotel unless earth's greatest hero joins him. McClane refuses and begins a race against the clock to stop Loki and Boba Fett from killing everyone, and the worst part is, nobody knows how they're gonna do it. With the help of Dr. John Watson's medical and detective skills, McClane will need all his wits, skills, and badassery to save the day. In the end McClane manages to find the source of this strange adventure. Loki has created an anomaly allowing him, Fett, and Watson to exist here, with a well tossed grenade just as all oxygen is running out, the anomaly closes, and McClane goes to the lobby, gets his room key and goes to bed.

User: DarthArthyl

Die Hard in Another Dimension-01

John McClane, not one for self-promotion, heads a skeleton crew at the precinct while the rest of the cops celebrate the chief's birthday. A drug call comes in. Soon, McClane finds himself fighting alongside Bill S. Preston, Esquire against Biff Tannen and a steampunk cyborg-enhanced Cardinal Richielieu in an alternate dimension. If he can't stop the evil Cardinal's plan, then the entire universe is doomed.

User: jbird669

Live Long and Die Hard-01

Waking up after a night of drowning his family troubles with a booze, John McClane awakens in the back of a spaceship being piloted by Spock. Spock has brought McClane to the future to help him take down a the new head of the Federation: Zapp Brannigan! Brannigan has been ordering legions of Redshirts into doing his bidding, which largely consists of setting up situation so he can "rescue" hot green alien women. McClane and Spock meet with rogue Federation officers also hoping to end Brannigan's terrible (and somewhat confusing) reign. The others are doubtful of McClane's ability to do what they've been trying to do for years. McClane decided to go and prove them wrong. Despite Spock explaining how illogical McClane is being, he goes with him anyway. Arriving at Brannigan's headquarters, McClane charges in, surprised at how easy the Redshirts are to kill. Through several sequences of explosive action McClane and Spock reach Brannigan's office, where John and Spock and find him begging for his life. But it's a trick! Zapp chucks his alien subordinate Kif and runs for it. An explosive chase scene through space and Zapp is killed by accidentally crashing into Pluto, thinking he could crash right through it harmlessly since it's not a planet anymore. Life returns to normal and McClane is sent back to his own time completely forgetting the experience in another night drinking.

User: Stu1701


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